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Server Management Service Provider

Ctasis offers Server Managed Services (SMS) to help streamline your business, network management operations and enhance the technology infrastructure’s value.

Outsource Server Management Services

Get the leverage of our techs who understand the importance and security of servers to be managed well for any organization’s reliability. For any complex server issues, we work to reduce downtime and cost and improve performance.

Ctasis, as the best Server Management Company, we equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical support to enhance server performance with technical support for Linux and Windows Servers.

Why Choose Ctasis As Your Server Management Service Provider?

Ctasis, as a Server Management Company in India, supports Data centers and IT infrastructure. The right way of server monitoring, hardware status reporting, along with server management support, our team delivers with all such support.

  • We would help you to concentrate on your core activity by well managing the server-side.
  • The extensive experience with network security allows us to provide the most secure infrastructure.
  • We help to enhance your business productivity by improved uptime.
  • We work and keep us updated with the latest technologies.
  • Get the operating cost less by increasing server performance.
  • We deliver server monitoring and managing services that are the best in the industry.

Server Management Services We Offer

Here we help businesses with our best resources for CloudIBN Cloud management services to scale up to enterprise functions, respond quickly, meet commitments, utilize assets effectively, and provide visibility across operations.

Server Administration

To get speed resolution for your server, leverage the resources from PHPDots to identify the problem and get a reliable solution. With experience, our expert server administrators detect the signs of a problem and take appropriate measures.

Application Hosting

Application hosting may seem easy but needs proper research and technology-aware professionals who reduce your infrastructure costs, improve system reliability, and optimize performance. We provide a world-class hosting facility with our operational expertise.

Linux Server Management

For a cutting-edge solution to drive your business productivity, our world-class, proactive Linux Server Management service helps you achieve a server that works efficiently. With our web-based Linux server management, a highly responsive server has the benefits of reliable data backup systems.

Total Server Solutions

To manage your business growth and function associated, we offer a solution that helps understand the needs at every stage and improves the business operations. PHPDots ensures the solution that enhances the speed on all tickets of server issues.

Storage Server Management Solutions

To ensure an organization’s data security and scalability, we provide an efficient storage management service that consists of designing and implementing SAN/NAS/DAS/Backup solutions.

Server Monitoring

We assist the business in detecting any server issues earlier and implementing reliable measures to fix them with our server monitoring and web server management. As a Server Management Services Provider, we evaluate service alerts and trigger an incident response when service deterioration.

Benefits Of Server Management

  • With our proactive services, we help to know the performance disgrace and capacity issues.
  • Broad coverage of server management service helps significant hardware vendors and operating systems.
  • PHPDots is available for round-the-clock support as we understand the importance of server and business operation managed through it.
  • Our server management services include uptime monitoring, updates, backups, problem-solving, and more.

Outsource Server Management

We suggest you try using our server support that enhances your business, and you can freely focus on other business operations. All our Technical Staff are Certified experienced in Cloud Server Management.


Emergency Solutions

Ctasis provides 24×7 Server Support with a complete service for our clients who need assistance for resolving server issues within the given period. We have our standard developed methods to resolve the issue in-time and manages the server performance.


Instant Setup

  • Get the benefit of installation and optimization of popular CMSes.
  • Get the instant cPanel installation for server management.
  • Firewall installation and configuration for business server.
  • Set up of add-ons like IP blocks, Softaculous, and more.

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